Follow Your Dreams, Even If You Fail

I know that I will struggle…hell, I’m struggling already and I’ve barely got one foot in the door. But I would rather fight tooth and nail for every piece of the life I want and deserve, than settle for one out of fear of failure.

Love the Way You Lie: The Dangers of Romanticizing ‘Crazy Love’

ove the Way You Lie could have taken information and statistics we have already gathered from research into domestic violence to create a video that focused on the manipulation, the warnings signs and the portrayal of abuse and fundamentally incompatible with real, healthy love.

But instead it relied on tired archetypes, literal and rhetorical victim-blaming, and overall glorification of unstable, violent relationships.

We Should All Be Feminists: A Reflection and Prose

  I identify as a feminist. But as a feminist, I can also acknowledge that feminism has a sordid history with black women. My feminism is black, intersectional and womanist. Womanism, often viewed as a shade of feminism, focusing more on the interaction of race and gender within the lives of women of color and…

Media Framing in News Interviews

With the increasing access to information, it is crucial to look beyond the popular memes of “long periololically time,” “no, not today,” and “ain’t nobody got time for that,” and see the harmful ramifications of repeated exposure to stereotypical characterizations of black people.

This Bridge Called My Back: A Book Review

This Bridge was a tangible testament to all of the nameless, faceless women who may not ever have a platform to express their experiences, thoughts, emotions, and anger about the society women as a whole, but specifically women of color, are thrust into the second we are born.

In Response to “I Am Not A Feminist”

For a while after reading, “I Am Not A Feminist,” I considered letting it go, not making any comments and continuing on about my day, not making any rifts or waves. But I decided that I have something worthwhile to add to this discourse and I feel compelled to share it.

Palo Alto: Movie Review

Palo Alto is yet another moody flick about aimless, wealthy, white, heterosexual teens self-medicating to cope with their largely self-inflicted angst, and to be quite honest, I was not here for it.

No Rest in București, Romania 

At the end of the day, I know who I am. I am someone who feels things so intimately and so intensely. There is not and cannot ever be any separation for me. What diminishes a piece, diminishes the whole. Your soul is my soul. Your battle is my battle. And I will not pause. And I cannot waiver. This work is necessary, and it’s important and as challenging as it is, it is becoming everything to me.

Me Before You: Movie Review

I thought that the movie would take an honest and raw look at the internal and external struggles one faces when taking care of someone they love in the face of overwhelming tragedy. But that wasn’t really what Me Before You gave me.

This Is A New (Half) Year

I wrote a post at the beginning of 2016 about all the things that I hoped for myself this year and reading back through it, I am pleased to see that I’m actually following through. This year I’ve ventured outside of my comfort zone so much and so often that I just kind of live there now. And as terrifying at that can be sometimes, I can feel myself growing as a person.