A Weekend Guide to Dallas, TX

After a long week of stressful classes and work, weekends are my sanctuary (even though I often work Sundays). I try and get to the cities near me to explore the scenery for my photography, local fine dining and fun artsy activities.


One of the new places that I just recently tried was The Meddlesome Moth over in the design district (Oak Lawn neighborhood). I went with a couple of friends so that we could try a bunch of different things and I was incredibly pleased with how great everything tasted.

My favorite dish was the Pork Cheek Hash. It was reasonably priced, aesthetically pleasing and unbelievably delicious.

Pork Cheek Hash
Pork Cheek Hash ($13), Meddlesome Moth

It features braised pork cheek, potatoes, charred onions, peppers, parsley and two fried eggs.

(I topped everything with some of the table hot sauce but all of the flavors were spectacular.

You can also embrace your inner Sex and the City and sip mimosas (by the glass or split a carafe with the squad, especially if the weather is nice).

^^^^^^(Some of the other dishes tried were the Mother and Child Reunion, Farm Fresh Three Egg Omelette, and the Franch Toast Sandwich)^^^^^^

If you want to go out Fridays and explore some nightlife, Dallas has plenty of places to hang out and be seen. Depending on the type of music you’re interested in or the vibe you want for the night, you can hit up S4, Lizard Lounge, or Luxx. I’m not super into clubbing, but it can be fun under the right circumstances (with the right people).

Iron Cactus, down the block from some of Dallas’ more classy (read: expensive) nightclubs, has delicious food and patio seating which is perfect when the weather is nice and you wanna take some stellar selfies.

My favorite things to order are the Smoked Chicken or Brisket Quesadillas, the Hickory Grilled Salmon and the Dulce de Leche Cheesecake!

Photography courtesy of  Iron Cactus

’til Midnight at Nasher, an event put on at the Nasher Sculpture museum select Fridays doing the year, is a free event where the public can spread out on the lawn behind the museum for some live music, food trucks and an old school movie. I started going to them with my friends and family in the summer. I got a lot of early planning for my blog and photography done last summer while laid out on a picnic blanket under the glow of the stars.

And if you find yourself in the area on any other day, there are a ton of exhibits ranging from the interesting and interactive, to the slighty weird and confusing.



Afterwards, swing by Fuel City Tacos. It’s a little sketchy depending on what time you go, but it is so worth it. The food is cheap and delicious (my two favorite things tbh). Also, their pork tacos and elote (corn in a cup) is to-die-for! Or if tacos aren’t your thing (and it isn’t too late, Carmine’s Pizza is a personal favorite of mine, located near the parking lot you probably had to park in to see the musuem!

Large Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza (15), Carmine’s Pizza


There’s nothing better than sipping some wine in the middle of the day with your girls and Max’s Wine Dive is the perfect place to do that. The food is a little pricey but the restaurant’s aesthetic and delicious food completely makes up for it. The menu has plenty of options for splitting appetizers and a variety of different taste palettes to suit everybody’s interest.

Two of my favorite things, depending on whether I’m felling breakfast food of regular lunch food, are Crème Brûlée Battered French Toast ($13) and the Famous Southern Fried Chicken ($18).


After brunch, since you’re already in Uptown, hop onto the McKinney Avenue Trolley and check out the West Village. If shopping isn’t really your thing or you want to be a trendy woman about town, hit up Deep Ellum.

Deep Ellum is one of the most beautifully diverse and artistic parts of Dallas. Grab your girls and head to the graffiti covered walls only a few miles from the Bishop Arts District.I have actually done a photoshoot in Deep Ellum (mostly in alleys and balconies because of the aesthetic).

The Dallas Museum of Art is only a few blocks away and is always free and open to the public. Specific exhibits admissions are $16, but if you don’t want to pay, all the other parts of the museum are equally lovely. It closes around 5pm so it’s a great pre-dinner activity.


the20counter20of20pops20copyI have a huge sweet tooth, and although it’s a little bit of a drive, near SMU’s campus, I really love Steel City Pops. The have a ton of popsicle flavors which are the perfect companion to warm summer nights. My favorite flavor is Strawberry Lemonade. (They even have some with cake in the middle. #YYYAAASSS)


Challah French Toast
Challah French Toast ($7)


Sunday brunch, actually brunch in general, is a staple for me. I will never wake up at a reasonable hour to have breakfast. 9 am breakfast is for suckers, 11am brunch is where it’s at.

One of my favorite places to go for a lazy, potentially post-hangover brunch is Kozy’s Kitchen. Situated in a little corner off of McKinney Avenue and featuring, hands-down, the best omelettes in the area, Kozy’s Kitchen has a laid back atmosphere, upbeat staff, and uses fresh ingredients in all of their dishes.

Post-breakfast, head over to Klyde Warren Park to hang out and spill tea with friends. There isn’t a whole lot to do at the park but it’s the perfect place to people-watch.

Photography courtesy of Thorpeland


If you have time, take in a movie at the Angelika Film Center. The theater has movies that don’t typically get a great deal of mainstream attention. (I mean there are some. I actually saw Straight out of Compton there for one of my friend’s birthday.) The tickets are a little pricey but there’s also a shopping center nearby for some after movie window shopping. (Or actual shopping if you’re so inclined.)



Have you ever been to Dallas?

If so, how did you spend you time there?


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