My Domestic Travel Wishlist


Marfa, Texas


Marfa, TX is an artsy off-the beaten path city in West Texas near Big Bend National Park. I first heard about it when Beyonce took a trip there in 2012, and have been trying to get down there for a couple of months. I wanted to drive down with some friends for my 21st birthday (which is this Saturday) but things fell through. I’m going to try to go to Marfa and stay at El Cosmico, which is the coolest lodging I have literally ever seen. prada_4_small



San Antonio, Texas san_antonio_christmas



New York

Simone De Beauvoir once said “There’s something about New York air that makes sleep useless.” New York, New York is and pretty much always has been the city of dreams. It is where you go when you are somebody or are trying to become someone. I have long fantasized about New York, the beautiful skylines, melting of cultures and activities. There are so many things that I wanna see, the Guggenheim, the MoMA, Central Park, and Times Square! Although I am a little fearful of taking the trip because it’s expensive and I don’t want to be disillusioned.




Los Angeles /  Laguna Beach / Venice Beach

/ Palm Springs / San Francisco


There are so many places that I wanna go in California. Listing them all out would take WAY too much time. From the beaches to the city, from the residents to the certified celebs there is so much to see and so much to do. I’d love to do an internship or something so I could have an extended about of time in Cali.


Albuquerque, New Mexico


Havasu Falls, Arizona 


New Orleans, Louisiana



There is so much mysticism, history and vibrant cultures present in New Orleans that it has been my fantasy destination for many years. The city is lively and beautiful and will be the perfect backdrop for my summer shenanigans. I’ll be visiting for a week at the end of the summer with my very best friends.

Miami, Florida 


Nashville, Tennessee



This list is constantly evolving, just like I am. But for right now it’s relatively complete.

I can’t wait to finish school and start exploring everything this world has to offer.

Have you ever been to any of these places? Or have your own travel wishlist?

Leave me a comment, let me know what you think 🙂


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    1. Thank for reading! I’m trying to start planning trips for summer and I thought I’d share some of my locations and get feedback on them 🙂

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      1. Most of these places i have been to. Im going to LA this Thursdays. Domestic travel is fun…so i can’t wait to read them 🙂


  1. You should definitely plan a trip to Cali! I love living in California and recommend you can and visit during the summer. Stay for a while and travel up and down the coast. As you stated there are so many AMAZING places to discover in California.


    1. I am definitely considering it! I’m looking for internships in California so I’d have a way to stay there for a more extended amount of time! 😀

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  2. Georgia says:

    Love this post! I would love to visit any of these – America is by far my favourite place, so I would have the best time exploring all of it! New Orleans in particular looks so wonderful though. I just did my own travel wishlist here if you wanted a read:

    Georgia ♡


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