5 Must-Watch Psychological Thrillers on Netflix

Well, everyone, it’s that time again. Movie round-up! I should be getting ready for the impending doom that is finals, but nah! screw that, bring on the Netflix

 Amidst the vast array of Netflix content, there are quite a few hidden gems that are well worth the time and effort to find them. If you’ve got the time, or need something to break up the monotony of the week, pop some pocorn and fall into these thrilling flicks.

The One I Love, 2014

The One I Love, directed by Charlie McDowell, follows a couple in a crumbling and lackluster marriage as they venture out on a surreal getaway. Sounds like the cliched set-up for a romantic drama, right? Wrong. This movie has so many curves and turns and a truly sinister twist. It’s so incredibly engaging, with phenomenal performances from the two leads Mark Duplass and Elizabeth Moss. (Also, can we just discuss how basically the entire film is carried by two characters!)

The Others, 2001

Now I’m not usually a huge Nicole Kidman fan (which as I’m typing I am realizing is interesting because I pretty thoroughly enjoy A LOT of her movies) but The Others is absolutely great. This 2001 psychological thriller follows the strange happenings in the island mansion of Grace Stewart and her two young children. Haunting and creepy in all the best ways, The Others is intelligently written and had such a fantastic twist I was grinning like an idiot at how thoroughly I was fooled.


The Tall Man, 2012

2012’s Tall Man was executive produced and acted in by Jessica Biel in the height of all that Slenderman shenanigans. Did I lose you? I hope not, because all of her other mediocre performances aside, this was the best bit of acting that I’ve seen from Biel since her 7th Heaven days. Tall Man starts off with all the markers and tropes for a cut and dry horror mystery film only to veer off into a ridiculously unexpected path. (But in the best possible way!) I watched this movie on Halloween with some friends and every one of us was in awe at the storytelling, acting and twists. The Tall Man is definitely an unexpected must-watch, but it is SO worthy of adding to your list.


Dream House, 2011

2011’s Dream House, starring Daniel Craig and Rachel Wiesz, is an intriguing idea for a psychological thriller. The film follows the life of William Attenton, a man struggling to make sense of his past as he is faced with his own mental illness. The acting is superb, even from the younger actresses Taylor and Claire Geare. Watching the chain of events unfold was such a nerve-racking and high stress experience, and the payoff is absolutely unreal.

Dark Places, 2015

For those of you that are fans of Gone Girl, Dark Places is a film adaptation of Gillan Flynn’s (author of Gone Girl) novel of the same name. The film follows the life of Libby Day and her investigation into the murder of her mother and two sisters, allegedly at the hands of her older brother. Dark Places is an absolute minefield. If there are any fans of the podcast Serial, you’ll get a kick out of trying to dissect this. This is not the film to just casually watch while doing homework or with people who are going to talk and distract you. There are so many intertwining scenes and actions that build up the story that paying attention is an absolute must. (Even then, you will still feel like you’re missing something.) Told partially in flashback and monologues, Dark Places is by far the more complex (read: confusing) film on this list but it’s perfect for anyone up for the challenge.


Are there any psychological thrillers you’ve seen on Netflix that you enjoyed?  Or seen any of the movies on this list?

Let me know in the comments below:)

Until next time! Happy bingeing!


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  1. I really liked Gone Girl, so gotta check out Dark Places!
    Ravine, I recently made a Youtube channel…would love it if you check out my video 🙂


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