This Is A New (Half) Year

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here and I’m sorry about that. Life happened (and, you know, is still happening) so bear with me.

It’s June 1st. And we are officially (well not officially, but -) halfway through with 2016. If you’re anything like me, then you probably feel like time flew out of the window so fast you didn’t even get a chance to take off  your 2016 New Years glasses. (I know I didn’t.)

This half-year I survived the hardest semester of my college career, working two jobs and trying to get a foothold in the photography business. Between trying to stay on top of my classes and do well, work enough to save money for travelling, and trying to build a portfolio,  everything felt like an uphill battle in weighted shoes. But  I still managed to save the money for my trip to Romania (which I leave for in literally 8 days!) and maintain my GPA.

I wrote a post at the beginning of 2016 about all the things that I hoped for myself this year and reading back through it, I am pleased to see that I’m actually following through. This year I’ve ventured outside of my comfort zone so much and so often that I just kind of live there now. And as terrifying at that can be sometimes, I can feel myself growing as a person. Growing up is painful and it can sometimes seem like a mindless struggle, but I think it’s so necessary to be a fully realized person.

I’m excited about what has happened this year so far. And I am so excited about what is yet to come.

So before I jump off into a philosophical, meta-physical, angst-ladden tangent about ‘becoming,’ here’s a roundup of my favorite moments of this half year.

  • Turning 21 freaking years old! (I literally have like no photos from this momentous event…it’s casual. I looked great though, you’ll just have to take my word for it…)

Spending Spring Break on the beach down in Mexico

(look at that spectacular view, gotta love that window seat, 😀 )

  • Not to mention getting a chance to shoot a beach Wedding (by myself, which was literally so stressful I thought I was going to pass out.) But at the end of the day, it was a beautiful ceremony with an adorable couple, so yeah…
    They are such a cute couple, guys….I was crying like a baby during all of the reception speeches, especially the one her daughters’ gave. *sniff*


  • Meeting the stunning Edyka Chilome!

If you haven’t heard of her of read any of her poetry, do it right now immediately. Edyka self-published a book of poetry, entitled ‘She Speaks Poetry.’ It is amazing, so truthful and raw and honest . (My friend and I might have coffee with her soon…it’s casual, i’m not already hyperventilating…it’s cool….)


  • All the time I spent with my best friends. Whether it’s a trip to the Cowgirl Museum in Fort Worth, late night food truckin’ and gallery openings, or just hanging out of the car trying to entice giraffes to eat of our hands, my friends have been my favorite part of this last half year. Cheers to more illegal selfies, overindulgent brunching, and the end of summer road trip!



  • [Spending the day in Glen Rose at Fossil Rim, feeding animals (mostly deer, and creepy-eyed emus) and begging for the attention of some very withholding giraffes]


Heading into the next half of this year, I’m excited (and anxious) to see how everything plays out.  There are big things coming, so keep your eyes peeled (eyes peeled—where did  that expression even come from….whatever)

How has this first six months of 2016 been for you?

What do you guys have planned for summer?

Let me know!

Until then, I’ll see you around the internets,


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  1. It sounds like you’ve already had a pretty incredible year! Congratulations on all your success so far!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! It’s actually been a pretty cool year so far! What about you?


  2. lauren says:

    Wow sounds like quite the eventful year so far! I’m going to look up Edyka. I love poetry and am not familiar with her. Congratulations on the beach wedding 🙏🏻 and also, have a lovely time in Romania!

    I turn 21 in a month!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She is honestly so great! A friend and I are working on a zine and we’re going to try and interview her for it when we have coffee 😀 I’m not usually into wedding photography but I made an exception for them and am so glad I did! What do you have planned for your b-day? 🙂


  3. globallocavore says:

    That’s wonderful that you are off to Romania! It will be a great adventure and I’m sure you’ll take some beautiful photos. Enjoy!


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